Myth 1. Food over water and shelter?

Do you know which one is the most important to survive? Maybe not, since the answer is not that easy.

If you think food is more important than water or shelter, you’re wrong. You might think that food is essential for humans, after all we eat at least 3 times day. The truth is you can survive for a while without eating anything. However, how long will you last in the burning desert or the cold tundra? Those environments require a shelter and you will need to find one fast. In other more forgiving environments, you might not need a shelter at all. In that case, focusing on getting and stocking water is the most important.

You just need to remember this: depending on your location, the priority will be either shelter or water. Food will always come last.

Don’t forget the rule of 3!

– You can survive 3 minutes without air (before brain damage)
– You can survive 3 hours without shelter in an hostile environment(desert, cold area, …)
– You can survive 3 days without water
– You can survive 3 weeks without foodObviously, you won’t feel awesome after 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food but you will still be alive.

Myth 3. Watching reality shows about survival will give you the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness.

We all know reality shows such as “Survivor”, in which a group of people has to survive for a certain period in the wild, or the infamous “Man vs. Wild”, the TV show presented by Bear Grylls. In this show, Grylls is stranded in a remote location in the wild and must find a way out while surviving by eating all kinds of weird stuff and finding shelter in the most inhospitable places.

While these shows are really interesting and we can learn a lot from them, they should not be taken seriously or as a proved way to survive. In fact, Grylls’ show got several harsh critics in the past claiming that all the extreme and crazy situations he was going through were just staged to appear impressive to the public. According to these critics, Grylls was far from being in danger and he always knew before hand what sort of trap he would have to face next.

Some people have taken those TV shows a little too far. David Austin, 29, from Derby parted on a long survival journey of one year. He was inspired by Grylls’ show and he based his survival training on the knowledge he acquired from it. Unluckily, Austin was found dead from hypothermia weeks after his departure.


Myth 33. Water can expire.

Food always goes bad (expect honey). That is a fact. From the elaborated Farmer’s Pie that your grandma makes to the basic white bread you buy at the bakery. As if they were humans having a limited time in this planet, food always expires no matter what. With liquids it is the same: juice, cola and so on. Because of this, one could expect water to go thru the same process of decomposing and dying. Surprisingly, this is a false myth: water does not expire.

Water can become contaminated (chemically or biologically) but it simply does not expire. It might get a bad taste, but you would simply solve this by purifying it.

In conclusion, water does not go bad so do not be scared of those bottles you have had in the basement for the last six years. They are totally fine.